HRMT20024 T3 2019 – Assessment 3 guidelines – Essay on Attracting and Retaining staff – Assignment Help


 HRMT20024 T3 2019 – Assessment 3 guidelines – Essay on Attracting and Retaining staff
Due date Week 11 Friday (7 February 2020) 11:45 pm AEST

Any requests for extension must be submitted through the CQU system at least 48 hours prior to the due date, with relevant supporting documents.

Late submissions without approval will result in a penalty of 5% (2.25 marks) per day.

Weighting 45%
Length 2,500 words ± 10% (excluding title page and reference list)
Learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4
Purpose Students have already (1) selected which sector they will work on and (2) completed Assessment 2 Review of the Literature, which should be incorporated into this essay.

Assessment 3 will assist students to apply their learning to a particular industry sector or problem, and tailor their argument to that sector’s specific challenges. It will give students the opportunity to enhance their research, analysis, critical thinking and written communication skills; particularly in the areas of argument development and essay writing.

Before starting, please read the marking criteria at the end of this document.

Assessment Task You will write an essay on the key challenges in attracting and retaining a workforce in Australia in your selected sector (one sector from a choice of construction, health or retail).

Your essay will draw on at least five themes from Week 1 to Week 11 of this unit, being those most relevant to your selected industry sector.

Your essay will draw on the academic literature (including the articles from ‘Reviewing the Literature’ you developed for Assessment 2), and develop an argument applying that literature to your selected sector.

You must cite at least ten (10) relevant peer reviewed journal articles, and 3 chapters from the Nankervis et al textbook. You can cite other academic references such as books, conference papers, and book chapters but these will NOT be counted as part of the 10 journal articles.

Referencing APA referencing. For more information, see :
Submitting All assessments must be submitted through the Moodle site. No email submissions will be accepted. All assessments submitted electronically through Moodle must be through the Student Portal • Failure to submit electronically will be taken as a failure to submit and therefore a zero (0) score will apply to the specific assessment.