BUSN20017: EFFECTIVE BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Assessment Two: Group Video Presentation and Speaking Outline

Assessment Two: Group Video Presentation and Speaking Outline

Task Description
Due Date: September 13th 5.00 PM AEST
Weighting: This assessment is worth 25% of your overall mark
Length: The presentation must be 15-20 minutes in length.
Groups: During the week three tutorial you will be able to sign up to be one member
of a group of three. You may only present with those individuals enrolled
within your tutorial—no exceptions. Failure to sign up for a group will result
in your final mark being delayed.
Format: There are two parts to this assessment. These are:
1. A sentence level speaking outline. Each person must submit an
outline that includes the introduction, your individual part, the
conclusion, and your references. You will be able to develop your
‘palm cards’ based upon your speaking outline.
2. A recorded presentation. All members must individually submit
the recorded group presentation. The recording of the presentation
must include power points slides and a ‘live’ image of the
speakers. This is an extemporaneous presentation.
References: The assessment must include 15 academic references (assumedly 5 references
for each speaker). You must use the APA reference style.
Case Study: Your group has been given the task of presenting information about
professional communication on a course for graduate recruits in engineering
or management (the group may pick either one). Each member of the group
will present information on one professional communication topic. You may
choose the professional communication topic. This assessment consists of
both group and individual work. The group will work together to develop the
introduction and the conclusion. The individual group member’s part of the
presentation should include information about.
1. What is the topic?
2. Why the topic important for graduate recruits in
Other: The content of the presentation must not simply be a re-articulation of the
information presented in the weekly teaching and learning materials. You
may focus on topics covered in this unit, but you must do so in a manner that
extends the information beyond what was presented during the term.
Your overall mark for this assessment is calculated based upon both the
group work and your individual work. You will receive a group grade for the
introduction and conclusion of the presentation. All other parts of the
presentation will be individually marked, including the individual sentence speaking level outline. This case study is based upon a case study presented
in Girdham, M (2015). Work communication: Mediated and face-to-face
practices. London: PALGRAVE.