BSBMKG608 SD Strategic Analysis Report Template V1.0 (ID 122830)

Marketing Objectives Briefing Report

  1. Introduction

Include purpose of the report

  1. Strategic analysis

Summarise the company’s strategic objectives and directions, the key products/services offered by the company, including new products/services to be offered, as well as the company’s existing target market                                       

Outline the SWOT analysis and key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  1. Legal and ethical requirements

Add the names and a brief outline of the legal and ethical requirements that apply to the company.

  1. Review of marketing performance

Assess the company’s marketing performance, including current marketing activities and positioning, and their effectiveness in relation to previous marketing objectives. 

Identify successful aspects of marketing conducted to date and areas that can be improved.

  1. Marketing opportunity options

Identify and report on the range of marketing opportunities available.

  1. Recommended marketing opportunities

Review and report on those marketing opportunities that offer the best potential to Boutique Build Australia. Draw on the SWOT analysis and the PESTLE analysis, and your review of the business’ strategic objectives and available resources.  

In recommending each of the marketing objectives, you should explain how they link to the organisation’s strategic plan. You should include a minimum of two marketing objectives.  

  1. Evaluation of marketing opportunities

Provide an evaluation of each of the marketing opportunities you have identified above and report on anticipated impact on the business and its customers. Report on costs and benefits, as well as risk and opportunities.  Ensure you report on:

  • Alignment with the company’s objectives and goals and the objectives and goals described in the Marketing Plan
  • Overall benefits to the business of pursuing the opportunity
  • Anticipated effect of the marketing opportunity on sales, profitability, growth and market share.
  • Estimated effect on return on investment. This should be an approximate estimate taking into account how much the likely cost of the opportunity would be against anticipated return.

How market conditions impact on the marketing opportunity

  • How any external factors such as technological or legal factors may affect the marketing opportunity
  • Risks associated with the marketing opportunity.
  1. Recommended marketing objectives

Discuss recommended marketing objectives based on research and evaluation, as well as performance indicators. 

Your marketing objectives must be SMART objectives.