Organisational Behaviour (MNG82001) Assignment 1 (Part A)- Guidelines

Title:                Assignment 1 (Part A)

Marks: 5 (which is 5% of the unit grade)

Due:                Prior to 9am Monday 18thMarch(Week 3), 2019.

Task:                In the Assignment 1 file on BlackBoardyou will find a document titled ‘Asmt 1a Worksheet’, which contains a small number of Database searching and Referencing tasks. Answer each question by identifying the required information.

Purpose:         The purpose of this assignment is to help students develop their database searching and referencing skills. These capabilities will be required for Asmt 1b and Asmt 1c.

Submitting:    This assignment is to be submitted through‘Turn-it-in,’ which can be accessed from the ‘Assignment 1’ folder on Blackboard. The link will be activated in week 1 and you can submit at any time up until the due date. For this assignment no Similarity Report will be generated.

Note: there is no need to attach an assignment coversheet to the document.

Feedback:       All marking will be completed within one week of the due date. Once the marks are finalised the UA will post on BlackBoard a copy of the marking key. Students should examine this document closely to identify the correct details required for each answer.