Business Analysis for Information Technology Assignment Help

Assessment 1 – Report : Learning Outcome 1.
You are required to record your self-directed learning, your group study and the in class lessons in a reflective journal. You are to analyse and record the implications of all that you learn. You are also to keep a record of all the journal articles you read in a reading log.
Question (100%)
You are required to provide the software requirements of a case study based on a modern Information System such as Social Media, Analytics, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Your report should include the following:
• Provide a detailed description of your selected case study. The case study can be an existing IT system that is in use or a system based on your own imagination.
• Critically examine the goals, policies and operations of the organisation that has influenced the development of this information system.
• Based on the above, specify a minimum of 30 requirements using user stories.
• Identify all potential stakeholders and justify why they qualify to be stakeholders.
• Link stakeholders to specific requirements. It is worth noting that a stakeholder might be linked to more than one requirement or multiple stakeholders are served by a requirement.
• Use research literature to support the information in your report.
Note: You can derive the case study from research literature or it can be an existing organisation system. You can as well develop a case study on your own.