503ICT Professional Practices and Project Management Assignment Help

Entrepreneurship Pitch

Type: In-Semester

Task Length: 3-5-minute video (MP4 or MOV format or YouTube link), 2000 word report

Weighting: 10%

Links to Learning Outcomes: 1-10

Due date: 15 March2019 11:55pm

You may choose your own team of up to four members for this task or you may work alone.

Phase 1: Pitch

Come up with an idea for an information or communication technology or something that uses ICT,and pitch it.  Interesting ideas are best.  There is no requirement that your idea be good for the world, but it does need to have a purpose.


Your pitch needs to answer these questions:

  • What makes your idea interesting?
  • Why would an investor choose your idea, and not any of the thousands of others out there?
  • What makes you think the market needs – or even wants – youridea?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How will your audience hear about your product?


You will be assessed based upon your answers to the questions under Requirements.  The quality of your completed video will also be assessed.  The complete marking rubric is available on MyLO and you should review that before you start your assignment.


Not every team member needs to appear in the video – let your team members play to their strengths, but also ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be rated equally in the peer assessment.  That includes no one appearing in your video – but someone must do the talking.

You can use special effects in the video, it can be as awesome or as simple as you want it to be, just check the rubric to make sure you are getting all of the marks.

For HDs, it needs to be interesting.

Phase 2: Plan

In your groups you willcomplete a project plan document.


Your Project Blueprint needs to address the following sections:


Briefly explain your concept here including the problem or opportunity you are addressing, how your project addresses it, and the basic functionality of your project.

Target Audience

Explain who your audience is. Consider targeted platforms, geography, and demographics. You should estimate the size of your target audience and cite your source for the estimated data.

Early Feedback

Pitch your core concept to a few people who would be in your audience or who have expertise in the kind of project you are making. Note here what you learned from them. The more sources of early feedback you include, the better.  Quotes from the people who gave feedback are a good source of evidence.


What products, companies, or services will you directly compete with for your audience? How do you expect to differentiate your project from your competitors?


Describe one or two typical – or likely – users of your idea.  Give them some detail, make them recognisable as the sorts of people who you think would be interested in what you’re doing.  (Note that this language comes from Agile Methodologies, you might want to have a quick Google.)

Top User Stories

Write up the 3-5 most important user stories for your project.  (Note that this language comes from Agile Methodologies, you might want to have a quick Google.)

Business Model

How will your project make money? If it provides an ongoing service, how will that service be sustainable? If there are critical partnerships you must make for your business model to work, describe those here as well.

Core Technologies

Identify any technologies that you think are likely to be core to your idea.  This isn’t a technical unit, so try to keep this interesting.


Your team will be assessed based upon your comments for the headings under Requirements.  The complete marking rubric is available on MyLO and you should review that before you start your assignment.

Peer Assessment

You must complete a peer assessment for this task.  Your share of the mark will be allocated based upon your,and your peers’ assessment of your contribution to the task.  You will be awarded a percentage of the total mark awarded to your assignment.  Your assignment will not be marked until all members of your team have submitted their peer assessments.

Please note that due to limitations in the software, you can only complete peer assessments ON CAMPUS.  It’s a pain and your markers will be surprisingly understanding.