MITS5004 Assignment 2 Assignment Help

Assessment item 2
Assignment – 2
Value: 10%
Due date:
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
Part A: 30 Marks
Answer the following questions:
1. Search the web for news on computer security breaches that occurred during April-August 2015-2018.
Research one such reported incident. Prepare a report focusing on what the problem was, how and why it
occurred and what are the possible solutions. – 15 Marks
Length: Around 800 words
2. Explain why asynchronous I/O activity is a problem with many memory protection schemes, including
base/bounds and paging. Suggest a solution to the problem. – 15 Marks
Length: Around 600 words
Part B: 20 Marks
1. Research the 2011 Sony PlayStation Network outage case on the web and prepare a report focusing
on the following questions:
• What was the problem?
• Who were affected and how?
• How was the attack carried out?
• What could have been done to prevent the attack?
Length: Around 900 words
This assessment task is based on the following topics discussed in the subject: the overview of
Information security fundamentals, security threats, cryptography, malicious software and its
countermeasures, operating system security and software security .
The assessment task is aligned with the following learning outcomes of the subject:
On successful completion of this subject, students will
• be able to justify security goals and the importance of maintaining the secure computing
environment against digital threats;
• be able to explain the fundamental concepts of cryptographic algorithms;
• be able to examine malicious activities that may affect the security of a computer program and
justify the choice of various controls to mitigate threats.
• be able to compare and contrast the security mechanisms of a trusted operating system with
those used in a general purpose operating system

• You are recommended to write the answers in a word document and submit. You can also submit your document in pdf format as well.
• Your answers to the questions should be precise but complete and informative.
• Each question should be answered individually with the corresponding label to indicate the tasks completed e.g. Task 1 a.
• A cover page must be included and should contain relevant identifying information.

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