Assignment 2 _Case Study

Anglesea Caravan and Camping Park
The Anglesea Family Caravan Park is managed by the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee , community based organisation that manages 37km of Crown coastal reserves between Torquay and Lorne. The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC) is a skill-based Board appointed by the Victorian Government under the Crown Land Reserves Act, to manage coastal Crown Land between Point Impossible and Cumberland River; including the Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park, Anglesea Family Caravan Park and the Lorne Foreshore Caravan Park. The cabins are self-contained with each accommodating up to 6 people and including a kitchenette, lounge, toilet and shower room. New and returning vacationers travel from all around and outlying areas to stay at the park and rave about the facilities and activities available.
Anglesea Caravan and Camping Park Pty Ltd is managed by director Ray Palmer. Currently Palmer’s e-promotion includes posts on a community website, community noticeboards, online newsletters, a mobile app (available $5 from Apple App store), as well as advertising on popular social media sites and google with the hope of promoting and growing the park patrons. The cost of the various online advertising streams is enormous, Palmer wants to commission a review of the park’s e-marketing, in order to determine the most economical and impactful approach.
You have been working for Cloud9 Advertising Inc. casually for the last three months in their e-marketing department. Cloud9 Advertising has applied for a tender to undertake the review of Anglesea Caravan and Camping Park Pty Ltd e-marketing strategy. Due to the importance of this project the CEO of Cloud9 Advertising Inc, Aaron Elsby and the firm’s Director e-advertising David Storm have both made this project a priority.
The initial investment in the project is estimated to be $90,000 in year 0 of the project, $20,000 in year 1, $25,000 in year 2, and $30,000 in year 3 a total of $165,000. Cloud9 Advertising Inc. requires a discount rate of 9%. It is anticipated project future cash inflow as follows (Years 0 to 3): $0, $90,000, $130,000, and $200,000, a total of $330,000. The project will be expected to make at least a 25% ROI, to confirm to the Cloud9 Advertising Inc, business model.
The goal of the project is to analyse and evaluate the Anglesea Caravan and Camping Park Pty Ltd e-marketing strategy. The evaluation should provide an investigation and review of all current e-marketing channels including community website posts, community noticeboards, online newsletters, a mobile app, advertising on social media sites and google. For each e-marketing channel the evaluation should include a report detailing changes in bookings, comparison with competitors, ROI, and a set of recommendations. The evaluation will need data to support discussion and findings, this will be achieved through surveys of vacationers, review and evaluation of bookings and financial records. Management believes it will take about three months (12 weeks) with a budget of $145,000 for this important project. Aaron aims for a budget contingency reserve of approximately 10%.
Aaron and David have formed a search committee to find the best candidate for managing the Anglesea Caravan and Camping Park e-Marketing Evaluation Project. After reviewing many strong candidates, they decided to appoint you, to put together the business case for this critical project. Your previous job was with a consultancy firm where you successfully handled a number of e-marketing and development projects for medium sized enterprises, using virtual teams. Since this is a high priority project that should be completed in three months, they felt it was appropriate to get the best candidate to put together a quality business case and project management plan. They are offering a base rate for your contract at $110 p/hr for 1 d/wk, but a lot is at stake, the Anglesea Caravan and Camping Park and similar businesses are likely to request further marketing and service evaluation projects. Aaron and David propose to be joint project sponsors, and have handpicked Danielle
Tricario and Michael Letele to be the main internal IT liaison. They will let you as the new project manager form the rest of the project team if the tender bid is successful.
In order to get the e-Marketing strategy evaluated in the time frame you propose to use a five-stage approach developed by Forbes (2012), this includes a). evaluate digital marketing, b). examine customer profiles, c). review digital presence, d). evaluate messaging strategies, and e). review marketing ROIs. It is anticipated the evaluation of digital marketing phase will take four weeks, while the examine customer profiles, review of digital presence, evaluation of messaging strategies and review marking ROI phases will take 2 weeks each. Your team consists of two e-marketing/social media specialists and a customer survey specialist. The three team members will spend the equivalent of half a day a week on project management related activities (e.g. completing status reports and attending meetings etc.) and the remaining 4.5 days on evaluation tasks. They will be paid at a rate of $70 p/hr. You will also need to access to a caravan and camping specialist consultant (Frank Crush). The consultant pay rates are negotiable (minimum rate $80 p/hr) and will only be required for a maximum of one-week.
You anticipate several challenges if this tender bid is successful. Cloud9 Advertising Inc originally focused on development and evaluation of e-marketing strategies for sporting organisations, but the CEO, Aaron Elsby, has emphasised the need to increase profits by tapping into other markets. The type of people who work on sporting projects are often different from people working on the new camping and caravanning marketing projects. They often have different educational backgrounds, skill sets, and ideals. Most of the people hired in the past year have been hired to support these new markets. Even though you and the Anglesea Caravan and Camping Park project team tried to do a good job managing key stakeholders, there are some difficulties with several employees who disagree with the company’s new strategies.
The plan is to roll out review existing information, conduct research and gather new material. Deliverables include a report evaluating existing e-marketing strategy and customer profiles (includes survey of customer feedback). A report reviewing the digital presence and messaging approaches. A report presenting an ROI and recommendations of new e-marketing strategy including a final presentation to key stakeholders. The project will be considered a success, if it comes in on time, on budget, within scope and key stakeholders have been pleased with the communication and reporting processes.


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